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Maternity Services Receives Recognition

November 21, 2014

United Memorial Medical Center is pleased to announce that it has been recognized by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in support of the Safe Motherhood Initiative for scoring above the New York State average facilities score in each area of the Culture Assessment Survey.

There were 91 hospitals that participated in the Culture Assessment Survey with a total of 2,711 completed surveys. The survey was composed of 54 statements asking participants to respond to statements regarding the culture of their work environment. For this study, the Salus Global Corporation and ACOG District II defined culture as, “a combination of shared values, beliefs about how things work, behavior, or how we act.” The Culture Assessment Survey measured the culture of United Memorial’s Maternity Unit using six elements essential to a safe patient environment: empowering people, learning, open communication, patient safety as a priority, teamwork, and valuing individuals.

United Memorial Medical Center voluntarily participates with the Safe motherhood initiative in order to continually improve quality and maintain a safe maternal health program. In 2013, there were 622 deliveries at United Memorial; 649 in 2012 and 542 in 2011. United Memorial provides obstetrical and gynecological physician services for two counties, Genesee and Orleans.