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Rochester General Health System to Host Liver Cancer Seminar

October 10, 2013

Rochester General Health System is hosting a two-hour seminar on end-stage liver cancer. The seminar will discuss the latest in treatment options, including stereotactic beam radiation, surgery, ablation, and a minimally invasive procedure known as Y-90 radioembolization.

Y-90 is performed by interventional radiologists at Rochester General Hospital.  In Y-90 radioembolization, tiny glass or resin beads called microspheres are placed inside the blood vessels that feed a tumor in order to block the supply of blood to the cancer cells. Once these microspheres, which are filled with the radioactive isotope yttrium Y-90, become lodged at the tumor site, they deliver a high dose of radiation directly into the tumor while sparing the normal surrounding liver.

A multidisciplinary team of physicians from Rochester General Hospital will present at the seminar and will be available to answer your questions.

For more information on this FREE seminar and to reserve your seat, call 877-937-7478 or visit