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Care Connect Eligibility

To participate in the Care Connect Community Physician Program, it is important for interested practices to fully understand the commitment and readiness required to undertake such a positive and dramatic transformation of their care delivery processes.

Leadership & financial commitment

Your practice’s leadership commitment to Care Connect will be essential to ensure the success of the Care Connect adoption, as well as the financial commitment to bring it to full fruition. Things to consider:

  • Strong physician leadership and commitment are required for success
  • Both the practice manager and a designated physician champion are needed to lead all practice staff to full adoption
  • The physician champion must have a good understanding of their practice’s operational controls and work processes
  • Embrace change, including disruption of office flow and work processes during implementation, as the entire practice moves forward into the digital world of Care Connect
  • The financial investment in the Care Connect Community Physician Program is greater than the obvious project costs
  • Implicit costs include system set-up and learning activities, as well as the soft costs of reduced productivity during the initial learning curve
  • All members of the practice must understand that this learning curve can only be overcome through knowledge and persistent effort, which may require a reduced schedule for the first couple of weeks 

Operational & technical readiness

Excellent operational readiness and technical competence will also be necessary for a smooth implementation of Care Connect. 

To ensure your practice is ready to subscribe to Care Connect, our support team will gladly work with you to conduct an initial assessment of your practice and answer all of your questions. Things to consider:

  • For a successful implementation, the practice should be fully staffed, running smoothly and not undergoing any significant changes.
  • Leadership and staff will need to be adaptable to substantial changes in the clinical workflows that are inherent in implementing Care Connect.
  • Your computer and network technology must meet the Rochester Regional Health requirements and be well supported by a qualified technician(s).